Hair Growth Products

Hair growth products are questionable. Many of them do work, and work well, but then there are the products that are all talk and are a waste of your money. Hair loss affects so many people and is very common.

Losing your hair can be embarrassing, so it is important that you find a product that actually works and doesn’t just take away your money.

Difference Between the Genders:

When a man begins to lose his hair he may feel that he is not as masculine and that he is getting old. When a woman begins to lose her hair, this can really lower her self-esteem since women are seen as beautiful when they have a head full of hair. You can see a bald man on the streets and think nothing of it, but for women, who are going bald, they are ridiculed and everyone takes notice. Either way, man or woman, hair loss is usually unwanted and that’s where hair growth products come in.

The Ideal Product:

The products that don’t work are the ones that are mostly just coloring products, with minimal vitamins and necessary nutrients. Look for products that treat the root of the problem, which is the root of the hair. Hair growth occurs from the root up, so when the root is damaged, the hair growth will be negatively affected. Once you establish a healthier root then the rest will be much easier.

Best Products – #1 – Rogaine:

Rogaine is an over-the-counter drug that treats androgenetic alopecia areata. You rub the liquid, or foam, into your scalp twice a day and this will keep your hair growing and prevent further hair loss.  The hair that grows from the use of this product will not be as thick and full as your natural hair, but it will grow, which is really all that matters for most people experiencing baldness.

Rogaine is not a permanent fix, it will only help prevent hair loss and grow hair while it is being used properly. Once you stop using the product your hair will go back to its old patterns of balding. Also, do not expect to wake up with a head full of hair the day after you first use Rogaine, because it is not so fast, it takes a while before hair growth begins. Sometimes around 2 months.

Best Products- #2 – Propecia:

Propecia is a prescription medication that is in the form of a pill. This mostly slows down the loss of hair and helps actual new hair growth a little bit. Just like Rogaine, it may take months before you see any sign of results, and these results will only come if you use the product properly. Do not skip any pills and stay committed, even if it seems like it is not working at first. Women are not allowed to use this hair growth product, only men have been approved to take Propecia.


There are also hair growth products that you can use when showering. Hair growth shampoo will help with hair loss and has ketoconazole in it. Ketoconazole is found in Nizoral shampoo and is a stimulant for hair growth. It causes hair to regrow, but you shouldn’t use this shampoo everyday. Another hair growth shampoo is Regenepure shampoo.

This product works similar, but also helps to make the scalp healthy again which is a huge bonus because the healthier the scalp, the healthier the hair.

If You Want Guaranteed Positive Results

Hair growth products can be found in many stores, but there are generally three products to look for if you want guaranteed positive results: Rogaine, Propecia and shampoos containing ketoconazole in them. Rogaine, which comes as foam or liquid, needs to be used twice daily and is only effective as long as it is used. Propecia is a pill that is taken every day and is only approved for men. Nizoral and Regenepure shampoo are stimulants that cause hair regrowth, but if you are using Nizoral be careful and do not use this product everyday.