Hair Implants

Hair implants are used for those who are affected by hair loss, also termed alopecia, and balding. Everyone who has hair, will lose it in some point, this is a fact. Actually, the average human loses approximately 100 strands of hair per day.

Unfortunately, many people experience a hyper-loss of hair that is not considered normal and this can be the result of many problems, big or small, avoidable and unavoidable. Men usually seek hair implants but women are able to undergo hair the procedure too.

Only in Natural Hair Loss Cases:

Hair implants are good for people who have lost a good amount of hair, enough that it is noticeable, but if hair is lost due to burning or scaring, then implants will not work. The hair implants are only effective on natural hair loss, not caused by cell death and permanent skin damage.

As a result of these transplants you may experience:

  • Some bleeding and scarring- the scars are not usually visible.
  • Swelling around the forehead and eyes.
  • Itching can occur too, the itching is due to the wounds healing.
  • Infection is always a risk but that can be said for all surgeries and cosmetic procedures.

Be cautious as to which surgeon you chose because if these procedures are not done properly they may cause bad scarring and damage, resulting in more hair loss.

The proper procedure:

When it comes to hair implants, picking the proper procedure is very important. Single hair follicular units implant one single hair at a time and are most often used when dealing with the hairline, not when trying to cover up larger patches and areas on the scalp. Follicular units are similar to single hair follicular units except instead of only one hair being transplanted; two strands of hair are transplanted at a time. This causes a more dense and full look, and also fills out quicker.

Modified follicular units are the most abundant and largest of the hair implant grafts. These implants hold three to four pieces of hair and are used to cover more area and create density and volume for the patient. Once the procedure has been complete, the new implants may take a couple of months for the grafts to be accepted by the scalp. However, if the scalp does not reject the new grafts then you will begin to see more hair growth that is natural, full and healthy.

Is it Expensive?

The cost of hair implants varies depending on many factors. One factor is the surgeon you go to, as well as the place you are getting the procedure. Different states have different prices as well. The type of graft you receive makes a difference too. Obviously, getting a graft with one strand on it will be cheaper than a graft with two to four strands on it.

Then again, when looked at from a different perspective, the amount of graphs needed also changes the cost. If you have a larger area, you should use the larger graphs because the little ones will add up. Usually these grafts will range anywhere from three to 10 dollars, but this is per graft, and when receiving hair implants, more than one graft is required.

The Skin is Dead

Implants are good solutions for those men and women experiencing natural hair loss. Hair loss due to burns cannot be fixed with implants because the skin is dead and will reject the grafts. There are three common types of implants, one is a single hair follicular unit, a follicular unit, which is two strands, and a modified follicular unit, which is three to four strands.

The type of unit depends on the area you want covered as well as the amount of space you want covered. The hair implants costs can vary, depending on location, surgeon, type of graft and amount of grafts you need to complete the procedure. If, after a few months, the scalp does not reject the implants, then new hair will begin to grow.