Shaving Your Head Will Not Help

Hair loss is probably the worst male taboo because it’s so visible! You may not treat it as unusual but under the surface it may bother you in some ways that can affect it. Knowing that almost one in two men start losing hair under the age of 50 can cause the most greasy dreadlocks owners to start looking for information on baldness online, at the doctor’s office or through friends and family. Don’t worry, it’s normal and natural to want healthy and abundant hair, but you should also know what not to blame for hair loss.

Hairy men who wear hats and accuse their mother

Let’s start with the myth that says that men who are too hairy have a tendency to baldness – that’s not true. The reality is that there are hairy men with flowing hair, and hairy men who go bald very early. To this date, scientific studies have neither proved or disproved this myth.

What about your mother? Did you ever think it was up to her? If so, why? Let me tell you, only in cases of a monogenic illness (dependent on one gene) can you tell which side is responsible. In a case like baldness, it’s a polygenic phenomenon (depends on a lot of genes) and you have no way of knowing which side is responsible. Don’t blame just your mother, because she may not be the guilty one, and even if she is, so what?

About the hat myth – some people believe wearing a hat causes premature hair loss, which is not true of course. One can understand why this myth was created, probably because people who are bald attempt to hide their baldness by wearing a hat. Then, when they take off the hat and everyone is exposed to their bald heads they come to incorrect conclusions. That’s what we are here for; every time you hear a possible myth, come to Easy Hair Loss Prevention and you’ll know whether or not it’s true.

Daily overlap – fine

Your shampoo, unless it is an acid, will not be able to penetrate the scalp to affect the hair follicle. This means you can wash your head a thousand times a day and it will not affect the rate of hair growth. The reason people believe this myth is that they see a lot of their hair fall out during the overlap – makes sense, if you do not wash too frequently.

Here’s how: suppose you lose a hundred hairs a day, some of those hairs accumulate on the scalp, and when you wash the hair, –they all fall out. If you wash once a week, you’ll see a big mass of hair and think you’re losing hair drastically. If, however, you wash every day, you’ll see the daily number of hairs falling out. You wash them from the scalp in smaller amounts, so it looks as if you lose fewer hairs.

Being a geek or a shaver

Your hair is divided into two parts – what’s under the scalp, and what’s over it, dead hair. It doesn’t matter how many times you cut (or shave) the hair, it will not have any effect whatsoever on the dropout rate, and it will not regrow it back. The hair is like a triangular structure that is very high. There is a broader base, and it becomes narrower with a pointy end.

Once you shave the scalp, you touch the bristles, which in our hypothesis are wide and thick. Because the bristle is short and it is hard for you to move it left and right, you think it’s more stable than a long hair. All these things give the illusion of thick, coarse hair, but it’s only an illusion. It’s still the same dead hair – everything that’s above your scalp is just dead.

As for the nerds (or those who have high intelligence levels) – I guess those who came up with this myth have seen too many movies, or they thought that because the brain is close to the hair it can also affect it. There is no connection between intelligence levels and hair loss, so don’t worry about it.

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    I agree and I would like to make a comment – Generally, this hair loss will likely be noticeable after two to four months. You will be capable to identify the hair loss through the thinning of your hair, bald spots or more hair falling out than usual. Hair loss due to stress triggers could be stopped pretty easily and quickly once you manage your stress and ease the pressures that you face.

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