Weight Loss and Hair Loss

We’re all trying to lose weight; some of us are constantly dieting and some of us impose on ourselves periodic diets such as those intended to prepare us for the coming summer or special occasions. But what happens when the weight loss is too drastic? Could there be a connection between weight loss and hair loss?

Vicious circle

This usually happens to women – all of a sudden they decide they’re too fat and they need to lose weight fast. From this moment, they will do anything to fit into smaller jeans. I know girls who eat only one meal a day, girls who eat only fruits and vegetables for a week, and those who spend all their free time in the gym, as well as not eating properly. Such diets lead to a drastic reduction in weight in a short period, which can be traumatic to the body. In response, the body will react to protect itself. It is an instinctive mechanism acquired over thousands of years of evolution – the body will do anything to survive.

This results in a vicious circle: because hair loss is a phenomenon characteristic of the aging population, females begin to identify hair loss and become stressed. As we already know, stress will only cause more hair loss. A study that was done in order to test the impact of hair loss on women’s mental states showed that there is not even one woman who is not stressed about hair loss. That moment in which we find our hair on the pillow or on the brush in the morning is a very stressful one, because we fear the loss of a powerful “crowning glory” that is so important to us.

The recommended way

Serious hair loss problems often accompany problematic glands. In addition, dropouts are also caused by stress, tension, fears and anxiety. Just like the nails, our hair also immediately indicates the nutritional, hormonal and mental condition of our body. It is very common to see hair loss in women after childbirth, due to hormonal changes. If the hair loss is not too severe, the first thing to do is refresh your hair and get a haircut.

Drastic weight loss is something that should be avoided as much as possible. In general, you should not lose weight too quickly because the body will not be able to cope with the drastic change in nutrient levels and it will respond not only with hair loss but in other detrimental ways. The recommended way to do it is to spread the weight loss process over a longer period. Your diet should be combined with exercises and based on a rich and varied menu that includes all the vitamins.

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